Electroinduced and Adhesive Properties

Acting Head of Department

Assoc. Prof. Natalia Krasteva, PhD

  • E-mail: natalybio21.bas.bg
  • Phone: (359 2) 9792622, 9793242
  • Fax: (359 2) 8723787
  • Address: “Acad. G. Bonchev” Str., Block 21, Room 311
    Sofia 1113, Bulgaria


Laboratory “Biomimetic Membranes”

  • Prof. Galya Staneva, PhD, g_stanevayahoo.com
  • Senior Assist. Prof. Rusina Hazarosova, PhD, r_hazarosovaabv.bg
  • Assist. Prof. Vesela Yordanova, v.v.yordanova.bulabv.bg
  • Ralitsa Veleva, biologist
  • Prof. George Altunkov, DSc., Associated member, altunkovabv.bg
  • Main research topics

    Research Topics

    Electroporation, electrofusion and electrotransformatiom. Electrotransfer of macromolecules through lipid membranes. Electrical properties of biological membranes. Electrochemotherapy of tumour cells.

    Cell adhesion and reorganization of cytoskeleton after electrotreatment. Influence of low voltage, low frequency electric field on the adhesive properties of nanostructures (tissue engineering).

    Experimental Methods

    Electroporation and electrotransformation methods, patch clamp, fluorescent method for measuring of transmembrane potentials, radioisotope methods, determination of particle electrophoretic mobility, DNA fragmentation, MMT test, FACS analysis.

    Cell Adhesion:

    1. Colorimetric assays for cell adhesion, growth and viability.
    2. Immunofluorescence microscopy
      • Determining the extend of cell spreading and the strength of cell adhesion
      • Visualization of cell cytoskeleton
      • Dynamic of cell receptors upon cell adhesion
    3. Enzyme immunoassay
    4. Western Blotting
    5. Immunoprecipitation
    6. Zymography

    Research projects

    Current projects

    1. Role of substrate elasticity in the ostheogenic differentiation of mesenchyme stem cells
      Bulgarian National Science Fund, № DFNI-B01/18
      Coordinator: Assoc. Prof. Natalia Krasteva
    2. Studying the adsorption of plasma proteins and cell adhesion onto conductive 2D and 3D dimensional polymer composite surfaces, with application to regenerative medicine
      Bulgarian National Science Fund, № DNTS/Germany/01/0003
      Coordinator: Assoc. Prof. Rumiana Tzoneva

    Past projects

    International collaboration

    • Prof. E. Peycheva, M. Georgieva, Ph. D., National Centre of Oncology, Sofia.
    • Prof. M. P. Rols, CNRS, Toulouse, France.
    • Prof. E. Neumann, Chemical Faculty, University of Bielefeld, Germany.
    • Prof. M. Berger, German Cancer Research Center, Heidelberg, Germany.
    • Prof. G. Altankov, Institute for Bioengineering of  Catalonia, Spain.
    • Prof. T. Groth, Martin-Luter-Univirsitetat, Halle-Wintenberg, Germany.
    • Dr Barbara Seifert, Helmholz-Zentrum Geesthacht, Centre for Material and Coastel, Teltow, Germany

    Selected publications


    [videoplayer file=”wp-content/uploads/2013/04/skin_cancer_electrochemical_therapy_movie.flv” /]

    Video “Electrochemical therapy: An easy, highly efficient and safe method for treating skin tumours”

    The video has been created in the frames of the project Ref. No. DO 02/178 “Treatment of cancer cells and solid tumors by suitable choice of electrical pulses” with the National Science Fund of Bulgaria, with coordinator Prof. Iana Tsoneva, DSc.
    For download (in Bulgarian):

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