Photoexcitable Membranes

Head of Department

Prof. Anelia Dobrikova, PhD

  • E-mail:
  • Phone: 02 979 2603
  • Address: “Acad. G. Bonchev” Str., Block 21, Room 217
    Sofia 1113, Bulgaria


Main research topics

Mechanisms of light energy transduction in biological membranes (higher plants, green algae, cyanobacteria and their mutants); role of the structural organization of pigment-protein complexes, lipid composition and physicochemical properties of thylakoid membranes for the effectiveness of primary photosynthetic processes; pigment-lipid interactions in model membranes; mechanisms of adaptation of photosynthetic apparatus; role of lipid-protein interactions in response of photosynthetic organisms to environmental changes; involvement of reactive oxygen species in stress-induced inactivation processes; development of biosensors using photosynthetic membranes.

Research projects

Current projects

  1. Investigating the role of polyphenols and the effect of nanocomposite-based humic acid on basil photosynthesis under drought conditions”, sponsored by Bulgarian Science Research Fund, КП-06-М 76/3,
    Bulgarian National Science Fund, 2023-2025,
    Project leader: Assoc. Prof. Martin Stefanov, PhD
  2. Nitric oxide-induced defense mechanisms of the photosynthetic apparatus and the photosynthetic process under salinity, КП-06-Н36/9,
    Bulgarian National Science Fund, 2019-2023,
    Project leader: Prof. Emilia Apostolova, PhD

Past projects

  1. Functional activity of the photosynthetic apparatus of C3 and C4 type plants under salt stress conditions,
    Project for future and science career development, National Research Programme “Young scientists and postdoctoral students” 2022-2024
    Young scientist – Sen. Assist. Prof. Martin Stefanov, PhD; Scientific supervisor – Prof. Emilia Apostolova, PhD
  2. National Science Program “Healthy food for strong bioeconomics and quality of life”, Funded by MES, ДСД-3, 2019-2023
    Coordinator from IBPhBME-BAS Prof. Antoaneta Popova
  3. Influence of drought on photosynthesis of corn and sorghum, КП-06-ПМ- 46/3,
    Bulgarian National Science Fund, 2020-2022,
    Project leader: Sen. Assist. Prof. Martin Stefanov, PhD
  4. Structure-functional characterization of cyanobacterial mutants during state transitions.
    Bilateral Agreements for Scientific Cooperation between the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (2019-2021)
    Project coordinator from IBPhBME-BAS: Assoc. Prof. Radka Vladkova
  5. Synthesis of metallic nanoparticles and evaluating its uptake and effects on photosynthesis using biophysical techniques
    Cooperation between Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and Biophysical Department, Faculty of Sciences, Cairo University, Giza, Egypt, 2019-2021.
    Project coordinator from IBPhBME-BAS Prof. E. Apostolova
  6. Role of carotenoids for effectiveness and stability of photosynthetic apparatus of higher plants exposed to changes in environmental conditions, KП-06-Н26/11,
    Bulgarian National Science Fund, 2018-2021
    Project coordinator: prof. Antoaneta Popova
  7. Protection and adaptation of Paulownia under salt stress, Program for career development of young scientists, BAS 2017-2019
    Project leader: PhD student Martin Stefanov
    Scientific supervisor: Prof. Dr. Emilia Apostolova
  8. Impact of excessive nitrogen and metal pollutions on plant defence mechanisms,
    Bilateral scientific and technical cooperation between the Republic Bulgaria and Slovak Republic, National Science Fund: Project DNTS/Slovakia 01/10, 2016-2019
    Project coordinator from IBPhBME-BAS: Prof. Emilia Apostolova
  9. Potential evaluation of different plant species for phytoremediation of heavy metal pollution. Mechanisms of tolerance of the photosynthetic apparatus, Bilateral Agreements for Scientific Cooperation between the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and The Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece (2018-2020)
    Project coordinator from BAS: Assoc. Prof. A.G. Dobrikova
  10. Effect of high light intensity on the photosynthetic apparatus of two hybrid lines Paulownia grown in saline soils
    Program for career development of young scientists, BAS, ДФНП-138/12.05.2016, 2016-2017
    Young scientist: Martin Stefanov – PhD student
    Supervisor: Prof. Emilia Apostolova
  11. Effects of Chlorella vulgaris on the photosynthetic apparatus of the rice plants in terms of cadmium Program for career development of young scientists, BAS, ДФНП-137/12.05.2016, 2016-2017
    Young scientist: Ekaterina Yotsova – PhD student
    Supervisor: Prof. Emilia Apostolova
  12. Prenylquinones and carotenoids – potential mediators of tolerance of higher plants to combined light and temperature stress
    Ministry of Education, Yough and Science, Bulgarian-Swiss Investigation Programm, № IZEBZO-143169/1, 2012-2015
    Coordinator: Prof. Maya Velitchkova
  13. Effect of reduced carotenoid content for stability of photosynthetic apparatus towards high light intensity of Arabidopsis thaliana. Investigation in vivo,
    Project funded by BAS – BAS, 2015-2017
    Coordinator: Assoc. Prof. Antoaneta Popova
  14. Characterization of the process of photobleaching of photosynthetic pigments in thylakoid membranes of Arabidopsis thaliana, wt and carotenoid mutant lut2, under high light illumination
    Project funded by BAS – BAS, 2015-2017
    Coordinator: Assoc. Prof. Antoaneta Popova
  15. Effect of antioxidants and signaling molecules on the photosynthetic apparatus and its resistance to abiotic stress
    Project funded by BAS, 2015-2016
    Coordinator: Assoc. Prof. Anelia G. Dobrikova
  16. Adaptation mechanisms of photosynthetic apparatus to salinization
    Project funded by BAS, 2015-2017
    Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Emilia Apostolova
  17. Influence of temperature and light on the kinetics of transitions between state 1 and state 2 and their characteristics in vivo. Role of cytochrome b6f complex in their regulation.
    Project funded by BAS, 2014-2016
    Coordinator: Assoc. Prof. Radka Vladkova
  18. Possibilities for application of green algae for creation of biosensors for registration of herbicides and heavy metals
    Project funded by BAS – BAS, 2013-2015
    Coordinator: Prof. Emilia Apostolova
  19. Studies on the salinity tolerance of two lines Paulownia
    Joint project of Sofia University – Faculty of Biology and IBPhBME – BAS, 2014
    Project leader: Prof. Y. Markovska
  20. Investigation of V-B irradiation on the photosynthetic apparatus of different ecotypes of Arabidopsis thaliana
    Budgetary subsidy of Bulgarian Academy of Sciences; 2011 – 2013
    Project leader: Assoc. Prof. A. Popova
  21. Swelling of spongious lipid phase by insertion of peptides, polymers and amphiphilic substances
    Bilateral project between BAS and CAS, 2011
    Project leader: Dr. R. Mutafchieva
  22. Antarctic algae – model system for oxidative stress (ДО02-317/08)
    National Science Fund, 2009-2012
    Project leader: Assoc. Prof. Dr. I. Puneva
  23. Development of biosensors using photoexitable membranes
    National Science Fund, № БИн-01/07,
    Indo-Bulgarian inter-governmetal programme of cooperation in science and technology; 2007 – 2012
  24. Design of new ligands of opiodic receptors: Synthesis and analgetic activity of non-narcotic cationic opiodic oligopeptides
    National Science Fund, MU-FS-13 (2007-2010). Joint project between IMB, IBPBME anf INB – BAS
    Project leader: assoc. Pro. T. Paypanova (IMB)
  25. The lipid component of thylakoid membranes as a factor for photosynthetic activity under environmental stress (K-807/1998)
    National Science Fund, 1998-2003
    Project leader: Prof. Dr. M. Velitchkova
  26. Structural and functional role of light-harvesting complex 2 in mutants of higher plants (К-614/96)
    National Science Fund, 1996-2000
    Project leader: Prof. Dr. E.L. Apostolova
  27. Composition and functions of carotenoids in light harvesting complex of photosystem I of higher plants
    Joint project by the program of bilateral cooperation between Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and CSIC, Spain; 2010 – 2011
    Coordinator from IBPBME: Prof. Dr.  M. Velitchkova
  28. Structural consequences of the modification of lipid, carotenoid and protein composition of photosynthetic membranes
    Joint project by the program of bilateral cooperation between Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and Hungarian Academy of Sciences (contract number 33); funded under the Academy’s bilateral agreements; 2010-2012
    Coordinator from IBPBME: Assoc. Prof. Dr.  E.L. Apostolova
  29. Role of carotenoids for temperature stability of photosynthetic apparatus
    Budgetary subsidy of Bulgarian Academy of Sciences; 2011– 2012
    Project leader: Assoc. Prof. Dr.  E.L. Apostolova
  30. Effect of brassinosteroids on the photosynthetic apparatus of higher plants and its resistance to high-light stress
    Budgetary subsidy of Bulgarian Academy of Sciences; 2010 – 2012
    Project leader:  Assoc. Prof. Dr.  A.G. Dobrikova
  31. Interactions and role of chlorophyll a in cytochrome b6f complex
    Budgetary subsidy of Bulgarian Academy of Sciences; 2010 – 2013
    Coordinator: Dr. R. Vladkova
  32. Structural consequences of the modification of lipid, carotenoid and protein composition of photosynthetic membranes
    Joint project by the program of bilateral cooperation between Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and Hungarian Academy of Sciences (contract number 33); funded under the Academy’s bilateral agreements; 2007-2009
    Coordinator from IBPBME: Assoc. Prof. Dr.  E.L. Apostolova
  33. Spectral properties of the photosystem II reaction centre. Towards the assignment of pigment electronic absorbance bands
    Joint project by the program of bilateral cooperation between Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and CSIC- Spain; 2006-2007
    Coordinator from IBPBME: Prof. Dr. M. Velitchkova
  34. Dynamic and stability of the photosynthetic apparatus
    National Science Fund (Б-1512); 2005-2009
    Project Leader: Assoc. Prof. Dr.  E.L. Apostolova
  35. Photosynthetic apparatus under abiotic stress. Involvement of reactive oxygen species in inactivation processes
    National Science Fund (Б-1504); 2005-2009
    Project Leader: Prof. Dr. M. Velitchkova
  36. Structural Consequences of the modification of lipid, carotenoid and protein composition of photosynthetic membranes
    Joint project by the program of bilateral cooperation between  Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and Hungarian Academy of Sciences (contract number 29); 2004-2006
    Coordinator from IBPBME: Assoc. Prof. Dr. E.L. Apostolova
  37. Stability of the pigment-protein complex LHII from photosynthetic bacteria under extreme environmental conditions as probe by spectroscopic techniques
    Joint project by the program of bilateral cooperation between Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and CSIC- Spain; 2004-2005
    Coordinator from IBFBME: Prof. Dr. M. Velitchkova
  38. Role of chlorophyll-lipid interactions for the assembly and functional stability of photosynthetic light-harvesting complexes
    Budget subsidy of Bulgarian Academy of Sciences; 2004 – 2009
    Project leader: Dr. R. Vladkova
  39. Functional activity and structural stability of pigment-protein complexes of photosynthetic organisms under biotic and abiotic stress. Role of active oxygen species in inactivation processes
    Budget subsidy from Bulgarian Academy of Sciences; 2004 -2005
    Project leader: Prof. Dr. M. Velitchkova
  40. Stability of pigment-protein complexes
    National Science Fund (МY-К-1003/00); 2000-2004
    Project Leader: Assoc. Prof. Dr. A.G. Dobrikova
  41. Energy transfer in biological membranes (K-1301/2003)
    National Science Fund; 2003-2007
    Project Leader: Prof. DSc. S. Taneva
  42. Lipid-chlorophyll interactions
    Bulgarian-German project (BMBF -WTZ  BGR 99 / 008), funded by the International Bureau of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research – Germany (BMBF); 2000-2002
    Project leader from IBPBMI: Dr. R. Vladkova

International collaboration

  • Experimental Station “Aula Dei”, CSIC; Saragosa, Spain.
  • Institute of Plant Biology, BRC, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Hungary.
  • Max-Planck-Institute for Molecular Plant Physiology, Potsdam, Germany.
  • Kyushu University, Fukuoka, Japan
  • Fakir Mohan University, Department of Biosciences and Biotechnology, Balasor, India.
  • Aristotle University, Thessaloniki, Greece
  • University of Ss. Cyrill and Methodius in Trnava, Slovakia
  • University of Neuchatel, Switzerland
  • University of Western Ontario, London, Canada
  • Umea Plant Sci Ctr, Umea Switzerland
  • Centre of Biotechnology of Borj-Cedria, Hammam-Lif, Tunis
  • Cairo University, Giza, Egypt
  • Jagiellonian University, Krakow, Poland
  • Institute of Plant Physiology, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia
  • Institute of Basic Biological Problems, Russian Academy of Sciences, Pushchino, Russia
  • Department of Plant Physiology, Faculty of Biology, M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia

National collaboration

  • Institute of Plant Physiology and Genetics – BAS
  • Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”, Department of Biology and Department of Physics
  • University of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy
  • Agricultural Academy

Lecture courses

  • Photoprocesses in biological membranes – PhD course by Prof. Dr. E. Apostolova
  • Biophysics of photosynthetic membranes – PhD course by Prof. Dr. M. Velitchkova

Selected publications


  • М. Stefanov, A.K. Biswal, M. Misra, A.N. Misra, E. L. Apostolova.. Responses of Photosynthetic Apparatus to Salt Stress: Structure, Function and Protection. Handbook of Plant and Crop Stress, 4th Edition, Taylor &francis, 2019, 233-250.
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The video has been created in the frames of the project “Prenylquinones and carotenoids – potential mediators of tolerance of plants to combined light and temperature stress” funded under the BSRP-Bulgarian-Swiss Research Programme, with project leader Prof. Maya Velichkova, DSc.
For download (in Bulgarian, with English subtitles):


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