Current projects

The presented information is updated as of Dec 2015.

DepartmentFunding scheme. Contract number. DeadlineProject title. Coordinator
BCMBudgetary subsidy. Deadline: 2016A realistic model of a rat muscle - modelling of the process of motor units’ activation and deactivation of and of tetanic force development evoked by stimulation with variable interulse intervals with different for each motor unit frequencies. Coordinator: Prof. Rositsa Raikova
APBSDJoint project with University “St George”, London and Institute of Biomedical Engineering, Italy (ISIB-CNR), 2010-2015.Analysis of digital ECG data
APBSDCNR - Italy. Deadline: 2015Analysis of the morphologic changes in the electrocardiogram during hemodialysis. Coordinator: Prof. Ivaylo Christov
BCMBudgetary subsidy. Deadline: 2016Application of contemporary methods for analysis of signals, generated by myelinated axons and skeletal muscles in the time-frequency domain. Coordinator: Assoc. Prof. Todor Arabadjiev
APBSDCooperation agreement between BAS and Schiller AG, Switzerland. Deadline: 2014Design and development of a 16-channel ECG simulator for direct reproduction of standardized databases. Coordinator: Assist. Prof. Dr. Tatiana Dobreva
BIMMBulgarian Science Fund, № БИн-02-09, 2009–2014Design and development of intuitionistic fuzzy logic tools in information technologies. Coordinator: Prof. Krassimir Atanassov
BCMBilateral cooperation - Poland. Deadline: 2014Development of a rat muscle model composed by realistic number of motor units and its experimental and modeling investigation by application of different patterns of MUs stimulation Coordinator: Prof. Rositsa Raikova
APBSDJoint project with Institute of Neurobiology, BAS. Deadline: 2014Development, production and implementation of a device for transcranial direct current stimulation. Coordinator: Prof. Ivan Dotsinsky
BCMBulgarian Science Fund, № ДМУ-03-248, 2011-2014Essential features of the surface electromyographic potentials recorded from deep and superficial muscles, and their application to the analysis of the functional state of different muscles. Coordinator: Assoc. Prof. Todor Arabadjiev
EAPBMBS COST Action TD1104. 2011-2016European network for development of electroporation-based technologies and treatment - EP4Bio2Med-COST. Coordinator: Prof. Damijan Miklavcic, Slovenia. Coordinator for BAS: Prof. Iana Tsoneva
APBSDCooperation agreement between BAS and Schiller AG, Switzerland. Deadline: 2014Evaluation of the effect of non-invasive ventilatory therapy on neuro-vegetative status in patients with syndrome of obstructive sleep apnea by 16-channel device for high-resolution ECG and breathing signal. Coordinator: Prof. Mikhail Matveev
APBSDBudgetary subsidy. Deadline: 2016Evaluation of autonomic cardiac control profile in patients with cardiovascular surgery by high-resolution ECG and HRV indices. Coordinator: Prof. Mikhail Matveev
BCMBilateral cooperation - Poland. Deadline: 2014Experimental and model investigation of the human upper limb movements in health and disease, by using of surface electromyogrpahy and the MOTCO software. Coordinator: Assoc. Prof. Hristo Aladjov
BCMBudgetary subsidy. Deadline: 2015Experimental investigation by using surface electromyography data of changes of movements of the upper limbs of patients with insult. Coordinator: Prof. Rositsa Raikova
BIMMBudgetary subsidy. Deadline: 2016Generalized net modelling of processes from the field of artificial intelligence. Coordinator: Assoc. Prof. Olympia Roeva
LPIBMBilateral cooperation - Poland. Deadline: 2014Geometrical aspects of elastic environments: from biomembranes to nanotubes. Coordinator: Assoc. Prof. Ivaylo Mladenov
QSAR&ММ, BCMBulgarian Science Fund, № ДТК02/58, 2009–2015In silico study of effects of bioactive compounds: applications to objects of priority for human health and environment. Coordinator: Prof. Ilza Pajeva
BIMMBudgetary subsidy. Deadline: 2014Index matrices: theory and applications. Coordinator: Corr. Member Prof. Krassimir Atanassov
QSAR&ММFP7-HEALTH-2010-Alternative-Testing. Funding scheme: Collaborative project. Deadline: 2015Integrated In-Silico Models for the Prediction of Human Repeated Dose Toxicity of Cosmetics to Optimise Safety. Coordinators: Prof. Mark Cronin. Coordinator for BAS: Assoc. Prof. Ivanka Tsakovska
BIMMBilateral cooperation - Slovakia. Institute of Mathematics. Deadline: 2014Intuitionistic fuzzy sets – theory and applications. Coordinator: Corr. Member Prof. Krassimir Atanassov
BIMMBudgetary subsidy. Deadline: 2016Intuitionistic fuzzy sets and logics. Coordinator: Dr. Peter Vassilev
BIMMBilateral cooperation - Poland. Institute of System Research, PAS. Deadline: 2014Intuitionistic fuzzy sets, intuitionistic fuzzy optimization – theory and applications in medicine, ecology and other areas. Coordinator: Corr. Member Prof. Krassimir Atanassov
BBIBulgarian Science Fund, ДРИЛА-01-11. Deadline: 2015Investigation of the stability of DNA metabolic enzymes and thier interactions with ligands by means of spectroscopic, biochemical and thermodynamic methods. Coordinator: Prof. Mira Busheva
BBIBilateral cooperation - Hungary. Deadline: 2015Light-energy conversion and molecular dynamics in retinal proteins. Bioelectronic application. Coordinator: Prof. Stefka Taneva
APBSDJoint project with CNR - Italy and St George's University of London, UK. Deadline: 2015Load dependent changes of T-wave and QRS-complex alternans during exercise ECG test. Coordinator: Prof. Ivaylo Christov
BIMMBulgarian Science Fund, № ДМУ-03-38, 2011–2014Management and modelling of biomedical processes and information with the application of generalized nets and linked data. Coordinator: Dr. Pavel Tcheshmedjiev
QSAR&ММBudgetary subsidy. Deadline: 2014Modeling studies of the role of mutations in the ZASP-PDZ domain to estimate their impact on the hypertrophic cardiomyopathy disease. Coordinator: Dr. Filip Fratev
LPIBMBulgarian Science Fund, № ДФНИ-Б01/5. Deadline: 2014Molecular mechanisms of aging of biological membranes. Evaluation of the efficiency of the antioxidants quercetin and resveratrol in delaying of the aging processes. Coordinator: Acad. Kamen Koumanov
BBIBudgetary subsidy. Deadline: 2015Morphology and topology of the main Light-harvesting complex of photosystem II (LHCII) studied by Brewster angle microscopy and Atomic force microscopy. Coordinator: Assist Prof. Dr Tonia Andreeva
PhMBudgetary subsidy. Deadline: 2015Opportunities for application of green algae for development of biosensors registering herbicides and heavy metals. Coordinator: Prof. Emilia Apostolova
PhMMES, Bulgarian-Swiss Research Programme, № IZEBZO-143169/1, 2012–2015Prenylquinones and carotenoids – potential mediators of tolerance of higher plants to combined light and temperature stress. Coordinator: Prof. Maya Velitchkova, Dr. F. Kessler
EAPBulgarian Science Fund, № ДФНИ-Б01/18. Deadline: 2014Role of substrate elasticity in the ostheogenic differentiation of mesenchyme stem cells. Coordinator: Assoc. Prof. Natalia Krasteva
EAPBulgarian Science Fund, № DNTS/Germany/01/0003Studying the adsorption of plasma proteins and cell adhesion onto conductive 2D and 3D dimensional polymer composite surfaces, with application to regenerative medicine. Coordinator: Assoc. Prof. Rumiana Tzoneva
BCMBulgarian Science Fund, № ДМУ-03-72, 2011-2014The effect of axo-glial interactions on the processes in myelinated axon. Coordinator: Dr. Alexander Dimitrov
BBIBudgetary subsidy. Deadline: 2017Thermodynamic behaviour of tumour cells. Effect of antitumour agents. Coordinator: Prof. Stefka Taneva
BBIBudgetary subsidy. Deadline: 2014Thermodynamic investigation of blood serum, novel approach for monitoring of haematological diseases (multiple myeloma). Coordinator: Prof. Stefka Taneva
BBIBudgetary subsidy. Deadline: 2014Unstructured proteins and Ewing Sarcoma. Coordinator: Dr. Rumiana Todorova
BBIJoint project with Medical University – Pleven, Bulgaria, 2014-2016, Project leader: Assoc. Prof. Regina Komsa_Penkova Application of atomic force microscopy for the investigation of platelets derived from patients with deep venous thrombosis, carriers of trombocytic polymorphisms
BBIBulgarian Science Fund, № ДНТС 01/9, 2014-2016, Partner: NMI Natural and Medical Sciences Institute at the University of Tübingen, Tübingen, GermanyOptimized polyelectrolyte multilayer coatings for biofunctionalization of coronary stents

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