Prof. Ivan Daskalov

Prof. Ivan Daskalov (1933-2004)

Prof. Ivan Daskalov (1933-2004)

Prof. Ivan Konstantinov Daskalov (February 26, 1933- June 12, 2004)  was a prominent Bulgarian scientist in the field of biomedical engineering. He was director of the former Centre of Biomedical Engineering from 1994 to 2004, which was later renamed after him to Centre of Biomedical Engineering “Prof. Ivan Daskalov”.


  • Electronic Engineer (MSEE)-1958;
  • Assoc. Prof. Med. Eng., Med. Faculty-1967;
  • Ph. D. (Med. Eng.), Bulg. Acad. Sci.- 1972;
  • Dr. Med. Sci., Medical Academy-1975;
  • Professor Biomed. Eng., Bulg. Acad. Sci.-1978

Positions held

  • 1957 Postal Communications, Radio Engineer;
  • 1958-61 Electronics works, Research Engineer, Chief Research Group;
  • 1962-67 Med. Faculty, Research Assistant Prof., Dept. Biophysics;
  • 1968-75 Ministry of Health, Assoc. Prof. Director, Institute of Med. Engineering;
  • 1976-78 Bulg. Acad. of Sci., Professor, Director, Dept. Med. Eng.;
  • 1979-92 Medical Academy, Professor, Director, Medical Faculty Dept. Med. Eng.;
  • 1993- Bulg. Acad. of Sci., Professor, Director, Centre of Biomedical Engineering.

Research expertise

  • Instrumentation for physiological and clinical research:
    • electrical stimulation,
    • biosignal amplifiers,
    • complex stimulation,
    • feedback systems,
    • including physiological processes and instrumentation.
  • Analysis of physiological signals:
    • electrocardiogram signal processing – filtering of artefacts and noise,
    • identification of specific patterns and waves,
    • measurement of diagnostic parameters,
    • computer systems,
    • microprocessor instrumentation;
    • electroencephalogram, electrogastrogram and electromyogram signals – frequency analysis, wave analysis, evoked potentials, computer systems;
  • Ultrasonic instrumentation,
  • Bioimpedance measurements.

Other areas of expertise

  • Reviewer – several national & international journals on Biomedical Engineering;
  • National Scientific Boards Member:
    • Electronics & Computer Science (President),
    • Automation and Control Systems,
    • National Scientific Accreditation Commission,
    • Medical Science Fund;
    • Session Chairman – in many International Conferences on Biomed. Eng.;
  • Editorial Board Member:
    • Achievements of Med. Physics, Warsaw,
    • Electronics & Electrical Engineering, Sofia,
    • Biomedical Engineering – Online.
  • Expert:
    • Clinical Science Foundation – London;
    • European Commission Brussels (DG-XII – 1992),
    • Biomed. Eng. – Ministry of Health;
  • Teaching:
    • Medical Faculty Sofia (postgraduate – ultrasonics, physiological measurement in cardiology, neurology, ob. gyn., medical instrumentation, computers in medicine);
    • Technical University: Medical Engineering, Medical Electronics Ultrasonic Instrumentation;
    • Ministry of Health Educational Centre (Clinical Engineering, Ultrasonics, Intensive care instrumentation);
    • University of Patras – Intrernat. MSc Course Med. Eng. & Phys- Ultrasonic Instrumentation.
  • Professional Membership:
    • Member – Founder, Vice-president (7 years) & President (11 years) and Honorary President (since 1996) of the National Society of Biomed. Physics & Engineering;
    • Federation of Medical & Biological Engineering; Member, International Academy of Medical and Biological Engineering.
Selected publications


Prof. Ivan Daskalov had about 45 patents, all in the field of biomedical engineering.

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