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List of selected research publications (2018-2023)

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  1. Krumova S., Petrova A., Koleva D., Petrova S., Stoichev S., Petrova N., Tsonev T., Petrov P., Velikova V. Priming of Pisum sativum seeds with stabilized Pluronic P85 nanomicelles: effects on seedling development and photosynthetic function. Photosynthetica, 2023, 61 (SI), 432-440,, JCR-IF (Web of Science):2.7
  2. Petrova N., Todinova S., Petrov P., Velikova V., Krumova S. Foliar application of Pluronic P85‑grafted single‑walled carbon nanotubes induces thylakoid membrane structural remodeling. Acta Physiologiae Plantarum, 2023, 45, 12, 133., JCR-IF (Web of Science):2.6
  3. Sashka Krumova, Asya Petrova, Nia Petrova, Svetozar Stoichev, Daniel Ilkov, Tsonko Tsonev, Petar Petrov, Petar Petrov, Dimitrina Koleva, Violeta Velikova. Seed Priming with Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes Grafted with Pluronic P85 Preserves the Functional and Structural Characteristics of Pea Plants. Nanomaterials (2023) 13, 1332 Линк
  4. Dinarelli S., Longo G., Taneva S.G., Todinova S., Krumova S., Girasole M.. Surprising Structural and Functional Properties of Favism Erythrocytes Are Linked to Special Metabolic Regulation: A Cell Aging Study. Int. J. Mol. Sci. (2023) 24(1), 637 Линк
  5. Krumova, Sashka,Todinova, Svetla, Taneva, Stefka G.. Calorimetric Markers for Detection and Monitoring of Multiple Myeloma. Cancers (Basel). (2022) 14, 16, 3884 Линк
  6. Velikova V., Petrova N., Kovács L., Petrova A., Koleva D., Tsonev T., Taneva S., Petrov P., Krumova S.. Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes Modify Leaf Micromorphology, Chloroplast Ultrastructure and Photosynthetic Activity of Pea Plants. Int. J. Mol. Sci. (2021) 22, 9, 4878. Линк
  7. Todinova S., Krumova S., Bogdanova D., Danailova A., Zlatareva E., Kalaydzhiev N., Langari A., Milanov I., Taneva S. G. Red Blood Cells’ Thermodynamic Behavior in Neurodegenerative Pathologies and Aging. Biomolecules (2021) 11(10), 1500 Линк
  8. Taneva, S.G., Krumova, S., Bogár, F., Kincses, A., Stoichev, S., Todinova, S. J., >Danailova, A., Horvath, J., Násztor, Z., Kelemen, L., Dér, A.. Insights into graphene oxide interaction with human serum albumin in isolated state and in blood plasma. International Journal of Biological Macromolecules, (2021) 175, 19-29   Линк
  9. Petrova N., Paunov M., Petrov P., Velikova V., Goltsev V., Krumova S.. Polymer-Modified Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes Affect Photosystem II Photochemistry, Intersystem Electron Transport Carriers and Photosystem I End Acceptors in Pea Plants. Molecules (2021) 26,5958  Линк
  10. Vajravel S., Laczkó-Dobos H., Petrova N., Herman E., Kovács T., Zakar T., Todinova S., Taneva S.G., Kovács L., Gombos L., Tóth T., Krumova S.. Phycobilisome integrity and functionality in lipid unsaturation and xanthophyll mutants in Synechocystis. Photosynthesis Research (2020) 145, 179-188 Линк
  11. Petrova, N., Paunov, M., Stoichev, S., Todinova, S., Taneva, S.G., Goltsev, V., Krumova, S.. Thylakoid membrane reorganization, induced by growth light intensity, affects the plants susceptibility to drought stress. PHOTOSYNTHETICA (2020) 58 (SI), 369-378 Линк
  12. Petrova, N., Stoichev, S., Paunov, M., Todinova, S., Taneva, S., Krumova, S.. Structural organization, thermal stability, and excitation energy utilization of pea thylakoid membranes adapted to low light conditions. Acta Physiologiae Plantarum (2019) 41(12), 188. Линк
  13. Danova, K., Motyka, V., Todorova, M., Trendafilova, A., Krumova, S., Dobrev, P., Andreeva, T., Oreshkova, T., Taneva, S., Evstatieva, L. Effect of Cytokinin and Auxin Treatments on Morphogenesis, Terpenoid Biosynthesis, Photosystem Structural Organization, and Endogenous Isoprenoid Cytokinin Profile in Artemisia alba Turra In Vitro. Journal of Plant Growth Regulation (2018) 37, 403–418 Линк
  14. Dinarelli S, Longo G., Krumova S, Todinova S, Danailova A, Taneva S, Lenzi E, Mussi V, Girasole M. Insights into the morphological pattern of erythrocytes’ aging: Coupling quantitative AFM data to microcalorimetry and Raman spectroscopy. JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR RECOGNITION (2018) 31, 11, e2732 Линк

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