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  1. Petrova, N., Todinova, S., Laczko‑Dobos, H., Zakar, T., Vajravel, S., Taneva, S., Gombos, Z., Krumova, S. (2018) Structural integrity of Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803 phycobilisomes evaluated by means of differential scanning calorimetry, Photosynth. Res. 137(1), 95-104
  2. Velikova, V., Tsonev, T., Tattini, M., Arena, C., Krumova, S., Koleva, D., Peeva, V., Stojchev, S., Todinova, S., Izzo, L., Brunetti, C.,. Stefanova, M, Taneva, S., Loreto F. (2018), Physiological and structural adjustments of two ecotypes of Platanus orientalis L. from different habitats in response to drought and re-watering, Conserv. Physiol. 6(1), coy073
  3. Petrova N., Todinova S., Paunov M., Kovács L., Taneva S., Krumova S. (2018), Thylakoid membrane unstacking increases LHCII thermal stability and lipid phase fluidity, Bioenerg. Biomembr. 50(6), 425-435
  4. Todinova, S., Krumova, S., Gartcheva, L., Dimitrova, K., Petkova, V., Taneva, S. G. (2018), Calorimetric manifestation of IgA monoclonal immunoglobulins in multiple myeloma sera, Acta 666, 208–211
  5. Todinova, S., Krumova, S., Danailova, A., Petkova, V., Guenova, M., Mihaylov, G., Gartcheva, L., Taneva, S. G. (2018) Calorimetric markers for monitoring of multiple myelomaand Waldenström’s macroglobulinemia patients, Biophys J. 47(5), 549-559
  6. Krumova, S., Todinova, , Mavrov, D., Marinov, P., Atanassova, V., Atanassov, K., Taneva, S.G. (2017) Intercriteria analysis of calorimetric data of blood serum proteome, Biochim. Biophys. Acta. 1861(2), 409-417
  7. Todinova, S. , Komsa-Penkova, R., Krumova, S., Taneva, S.G., Golemanov, G., Georgieva, G., Tonchev, P., Tsankov, B.,Beshev, L., Balashev, K., Andreeva, T.D. (2017) PlA2 Polymorphism in Glycoprotein IIb/IIIa Modulates the Morphology and Nanomechanics of Platelets, Clin. Appl. Thromb. Hemost. Jan 1:1076029616687847. doi: 10.1177/1076029616687847.
  8. Komsa-Penkova, R., Todinova, S.J., Andreeva, T.D., Krumova, S.B., Taneva, S.G., Golemanov, G.M., Georgieva, G.A., Mihaylova, N.M., Tchorbanov, A.I.,Tonchev, P.T. (2016) Alterations in Platelet Activity and Elastic Modulus of Healthy Subjects, Carriers of G20210A Polymorphism in the Prothrombin Gene, Biomed. Clin. Res. 9 (1), 72-79
  9. Krumova, S., Todinova, S., Tileva, M., Bouzhir-Sima, L., Vos, M.H., Liebl, U., Taneva, S.G., (2016) Thermal stability and binding energetics of thymidylate synthaseThyX, Int. J. Biol. Macromol. 91, 560–567
  10. Todinova, S., Krumova, S., Andreeva, T., Dimitrova, K., Gartcheva, L., Taneva, S.G. (2016) Unusual thermal transition in the serum calorimetric profile of a patient diagnosed with multiple myeloma with secretion of monoclonal κ free light chains: a case report, Cancer Res. Frontiers. 2(3), 416-426
  11. Andreeva,T.D., Danailova, A.K.,Terziyska, P.,Krumova, S.B., Taneva, S.G., Krastev, R., (2016) The Hofmeister anion effect on morphology of polyelectrolyte multilayers for biofunctionalization of cardiovascular stents,  Chem. Commun., 48, Special Issue A (pp. 23 – 28)
  12. Todinova, S.,  Mavrov, D,  Krumova, S ,  Marinov, P.,  Atanassova, V.,  Atanassov, K.,  Taneva, S.G.(2016) Blood plasma thermograms dataset analysis by means of intercriteria and correlation analyses for the case of colorectal cancer,  J. Bioautom. 20 (1), 115-124
  13. Todinova, S., Stoyanova, E.,Krumova, S., Iliev, I., Taneva, S.G. (2016) Calorimetric signatures of human cancer cells and their nuclei,  Acta, 623, 95–101
  14. Krumova, S.B., Todinova, S.J., Danailova, A., Petkova, V., Dimitrova, K., Gartcheva, L., Taneva, S.G.(2015) Calorimetric features of IgM gammopathies. Implication for patient’s diagnosis and monitoring.  Acta, 615, 23 – 29. ISI IF:2.184
  15. Stoichev, S., Tzonova, I., Moskova, I., Krumova, S.B., Busheva, M.(2015) Exogenous H2O2partially prevents the paraquat induced oxidative stress in thylakoid membranes.  Rend. Acad. Bulg. Sci. 67, 2, 239 – 244, ISI IF:0.307
  16. Danailova, A., Dzhonova, D., Todinova, S., Gartcheva, L., Taneva, S., Krumova, S. (2015) Serum NAD(P)H fluorescence vs. serum proteome calorimetry for IgM multiple myeloma discrimination, Biosci. Biotechnol, SE/ONLINE, 49-53
  17. Stoichev, S., Krumova, S.B., Andreeva, T., Busto, J.V., Todinova, S., Balashev, K., Busheva, M., Goñi, F.M., Taneva, S. G.(2015) Low pH modulates the macroorganization and thermal stability of PSII supercomplexes in grana membranes.  J., 108, 4, 844 – 853. ISI IF:3.972
  18. Andreeva, T., Castano, S., Krumova, S., Lecomte, S., Taneva, S.(2015) Effect of protonation on the secondary structure and orientation of plant light harvesting complex II studied by PM-IRRAS, Langmuir, 31, 42, 11583 – 11590. ISI IF:4.457
  19. Stoichev, S., Andreeva, T., Tzonova, I., Busheva, M., Taneva, S. G., Krumova, S.B. (2015)Low pH induced alterations in the thylakoid membranes morphology and fluidity.  & Technol. 3, 88 – 92
  20. Andreeva, T., Krumova, S. B., Minkov, I. L., Busheva, M., Lalchev, Z., Taneva, S. G.(2014) Protonation-induced changes in the macroorganization of LHCII monolayers.  Surf. A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects, 460, 196 – 203. ISI IF:2.752
  21. Dobrikova, A., Vladkova, R., Rashkov, G., Todinova, S. J., Krumova, S. B., Apostolova, E.(2014) Effects of exogenous 24-epibrassinolide on the photosynthetic membranes under non-stress conditions. Plant Physiol. Biochem. 80, 75 – 82. ISI IF:2.756
  22. Krumova, S.B., Várkonyi, Zs., Lambrev, P.H., Kovács, L., Todinova, S.J., Busheva, M., Taneva, S.G., Garab, G.(2014) Heat- and light-induced detachment of the light-harvesting antenna complexes of photosystem I in isolated stroma thylakoid membranes.  Photochem. Photobiol. B, 137, 4 – 12. ISI IF:2.96
  23. Todinova, S.J., Krumova, S.B., Radoeva, R., Gartcheva, L., Taneva, S.G.(2014) Calorimetric markers of Bence Jones and nonsecretory multiple myeloma serum proteome.  Chem., 86, 24, 12355 – 12361. ISI IF:5.636
  24. Todorova, M., Trendafilova, A., Krumova, S.B., Idakieva, K., Genova, V., Markovska, Y., Raynova, Y., Evstatieva, L., Wolfram, E., Danova, K.(2014) Interdisciplinary interaction for the biotechnological development of Balkan medicinal plant species. Proc. of Seminar of Ecology, Union of Scientists, DOI:ISBN 978-954-2961-75-8
  25. Krumova, S.B., Rukova, B., Todinova, S.J., Gartcheva, L., Milanova, V., Toncheva, D., Taneva, S.G.(2013) Calorimetric monitoring of the serum proteome in schizophrenia patients.  Acta, 572, 59 – 64. ISI IF:2.105
  26. Krumova, S., Motika, V., Dobrev, P., Todorova, M., Trendafilova, A., Evstatieva, L., Danova, K.(2013) Terpenoid profile of artemisia alba is related to endogenous cytokinins in vitro.  J. Agricult. Sci., 19, 2, 26 – 30
  27. Krumova, S., Zhiponova, M., Dankov, K., Velikova, V., Balashev, K., Andreeva, T., Russinova, E., Taneva, S.(2013) Brassinosteroids regulate the thylakoid membrane architecture and the photosystem II function.  Photochem. Photobiol. B, 126, 97 – 104. ISI IF:2.803
  28. Tóth, T., Chukhutsina, V., Krumova, S.B., Gombos, Z., van Amerongen, H.(2013) Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Microscopy of Synechocystis WT Cells — Variation in Photosynthetic Performance of Individual Cells in Various Strains of sp. PCC 6803. Photosynthesis Research for Food, Fuel and the Future Part of the series Advanced Topics in Science and Technology in China, Symposium 04, Springer Berlin Heidelberg, pp. 139 – 142
  29. Szalontai, B., Nagy, G., Krumova, S.B., Fodor, E., Páli, T., Taneva, S.G., Garab, G., Peters, J., Dér, A.(2013) Hofmeister ions control protein dynamics.  Biophys. Acta – General Subjects, 1830, 10, 4564 – 4572., ISI IF:3.944
  30. Nagy, G., Pieper, J., Krumova, S.B., Kovács, L., Trapp, M., Garab, G., Peters, J.(2012) Dynamic properties of photosystem II membranes at physiological temperatures characterized by elastic incoherent neutron scattering. Increased flexibility associated with the inactivation of the oxygen evolving complex.  Res., 111, 1-2, 113 – 124. ISI IF:3.243
  31. Busheva, M., Krumova, S., Stoichev, S., Tzonova, I., Karadjov, I., Stoitchkova, K., Andreeva, A.(2012) Effect of pH on the Aggregation of the Major Light Harvesting Complex of Photosystem II, Proc. of Scientific Research of the Union of Scientists in Bulgaria – Plovdiv, series B., ISSN:1311-9192, 133 – 137
  32. Todinova S., Krumova S., Kurtev P., Dimitrov V., Djongov L., Dudunkov Z., Taneva S.G.(2012) Calorimetry-based profiling of blood plasma from colorectal cancer patients. Biochim. Biophys. Acta – General Subjects, 1820, 12, 1879 – 1885, ISI IF:3.848
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  34. Todinova, S, Krumova, S, Gartcheva, L., Robeerst, C., Taneva, S.G.(2011) Microcalorimetry of blood serum proteome: a modified interaction network in the multiple myeloma case.  Chem., 83, 20, 7992 – 7998. ISI IF:5.636
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  37. Krumova, S.B., Todinova, S. J., Dobrikova, A.G., Taneva, S. G.(2010) Differential scanning calorimetry of photosynthetic membranes: Resolving contributions of the major photosynthetic complexes to the sequential thermal transitions. Trends Photochem. Photobiol., 12, 37 – 51
  38. Krumova, S. B., Dijkema, C., de Waard, P., As, H. V., Garab, G., van Amerongen, H.(2008) Phase behavior of phosphatidylglycerol in spinach thylakoid membranes as revealed by 31P-NMR.  Biophys. Acta – Biomembranes, 1778, 4, 997 – 1003. ISI IF:4.18
  39. Krumova, S.B., Koehorst, R.B., Bóta, A, Páli, T., van Hoek, A., Garab, G., van Amerongen, H.(2008) Temperature dependence of the lipid packing in thylakoid membranes studied by time- and spectrally resolved fluorescence of Merocyanine 540.  Biophys. Acta, 1778, 12, 2823 – 2833. ISI IF:4.18
  40. Lambrev, P.H., Várkonyi, Zs., Krumova, S.B., Kovács, L., Miloslavina, C., Holzwarth, A.R., Garab, G.(2007) Importance of trimer-trimer interactions for the native state of the plant light-harvesting complex II.  Biophys. Acta – Bioenergetics, 1767, 6, 847 – 853. ISI IF:3.835
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  42. Holm, J.K., Krumova, S.B., Várkonyi, Zs., Todinova, S.J., Rajagopal, S., Posselt, D., Taneva, S.G., Garab, G.(2005) Thermo-optically driven reversible reorganizations in LHCII. Significance of thermal instability, role of LHCII-only domains in thylakoids. Proceeding of: Photosynthesis: Fundamental Aspects to Global Perspectives, 579 – 581.
  43. Czeh, Z., Vianelli, A., Rajagopal, S., Krumova, S.B., Kovács, L., Papp, E., Barzda, V., Jennings, R., Garab, G.(2005) Thermo-optically induced reorganizations in the main light harvesting antenna of plants. I. Non-Arrhenius type of temperature dependence and linear light-intensity dependencies.  Res. 86, 1-2, 263 – 273. ISI IF:2.295
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  45. Krumova, S.B., Todinova, S.J., Busheva, M., Taneva, S.G.(2005) Kinetic nature of the thermal destabilization of LHCII macroaggregates.  Photochem. Photobiol. B, 78, 2, 165 – 170. ISI IF:1.597
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